Security Systems Concept Design

Independence is one of our cornerstones, we have no ties to any security technology provider or manufacturer.

The direct output of the Optimise Security Risk Assessment (SRA) process is the risk register which details your mitigation goals. Using this as a basis, we are able to formulate a set of design objectives around the following:

Detect: Detection at the earliest opportunity is vital. We advise on the most appropriate technologies or procedures which will allow you to detect with a high degree of confidence that a security threat scenario is materialising.

Delay: Have the required delay mechanisms in place between the threat actor and target to allow a response force to arrive in time to stop the threat scenario materialising further.

Deter: Ensuring you have a robust security strategy in order to tip the threat risk/reward balance in your favour and deter a threat at the planning stage.

Response: Procedures and training to ensure your staff have the capability to respond, manage and successfully move through a security event.

Prior to establishing any security system design, Optimise will work closely with you to understand your project brief and your unique requirements. The concept design process takes into account the environmental, practical and functional elements of your assets.

A security system should never rely on any single aspect, therefore we always use a layered security design approach in order to achieve DDDR. Optimise offer a number of security design concepts in the form of an integrated security system concept Operational Requirement (OR) and Technical Specification (TS).

The selected concept design OR and TS can be utilised to form the basis for any tender documentation. Optimise have the capability to conduct a technical and value for money assessment of all tender returns to ensure compliance with the original OR and your money is used effectively and efficiently.

Optimise security specialists can be on hand during the whole project life cycle to ensure the selected contractor adheres to the OR and TS, thus ensuring you get what you have paid for. We are able to plan a bespoke Site Acceptance Test (SAT) regime using the OR and TS as a basis prior to any hand over and acceptance.

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