Security Audits & Gap Analysis

Optimise will analyse your current security regime and highlight areas of strength or noncompliance in order to optimise then maximise a robust security strategy.

Unfortunately a security regime is of little use if the personnel using are unwilling to conform. The Optimise security audits also consider which areas are not being maximised, but more importantly why. Often existing security procedures and technical equipment are circumvented because they are either too time consuming, outdated or do not function in line with requirements. Optimise can audit any one or all the following:

Physical Security: An audit of the capabilities and status of your current physical protection, including perimeter infrastructure, barriers, perimeter access points and building hardening.

Technical Security: A functional and capability audit of all your technical security measures, including CCTV, AACS, PIDS, IDS and management systems.

Procedural Security: An audit of all the procedural aspects of your security regime, including entry/egress, deliveries, emergency incident reaction, employment pre-screening and emergency exercises.

Security Culture: How security is perceived by staff and management, including informal discussions with personnel to understand where security sits within your culture.

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