Security Training & Exercise Planning

Education and regular training are the essential ingredients to foster employee confidence and ensure preparedness. By designing a programme with you we can help you develop a strong culture of security awareness which permeates through your organisation. At Optimise we understand that training is not one size fits all, we will deliver the training you require in line with the risk associated with your organisation. Our topics include:

Mail Room Training: This includes the various characteristics of a suspect package and how your staff should respond should a suspect package be found at the mail room, sorting area or delivery point.

IED & Component Identification: How to identify an IED or recognise the associated components which make up an IED placed within a vehicle.

Weapon Identification: How to recognise the various weapons systems currently in use by known criminal elements.

Vehicle search: In line with IED and search training, how to conduct the Optimise methodology for searching vehicles. This includes the tools to identify and recognise the observable body language of drivers and how to react should a suspicious item be found.

Conflict Resolution: How to react and deal with a situation when you feel under intense pressure or intimidation either in person or by telephone call.

In addition to training, Optimise can offer multi agency live and table top exercise planning and facilitation. All Optimise personnel are experienced in the delivery of multi-agency security and emergency exercises at local, regional and national level.

It is our intention at Optimise to creatively design an exercise which validates your security and emergency procedures allowing your staff to react, manage and move through an incident within a controlled environment. It is our aim to equip your staff with the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to follow your emergency procedures to underpin the safety and security of your business.

Our bespoke exercises are designed to replicate the complexity of multiple organisations, systems and communication channels interacting internally and externally across operational, tactical and strategic tiers.

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