Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (PAS 68/IWA14) Design

At Optimise all HVM design specialists have successfully completed the PAS 68 training provided by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). They have many years anti-terrorism experience working in the UK and overseas.

So what makes us different? At Optimise we understand that physical measures alone cannot provide you with the required protection from a vehicle borne IED attack. We provide clients with the tools required to mitigate a vehicle borne attack from a wide range of threats. All of these measures can be provided in isolation or as a complete mitigation package:

Vehicle Dynamics Assessment: Optimise prepare tailored VDA’s which calculate the optimum attack angles, velocities and impact energy values for all vehicles categories within PAS 68 and IWA 14. Armed with this information we can design-in the correct level of physical protection and provide the vital standoff distance for your assets.

Training: We can plan and facilitate training in order to recognise the observable body language of persons who may be under some form of duress and attempting to take an IED into your facility; in addition we provide search methodology training of vehicles or persons, including IED component recognition.

Security Procedures: Optimise have authored bespoke security procedures for a number of critical assets, including vehicle entry point procedures. This is a vital aspect of any security strategy.

Integrated Security Planning: Using an integrated approach allows Optimise to assist you in planning additional security measures to better mitigate the threat of encroachment (tailgating) or a parked VBIED close to a critical asset.

In addition by conducting an asset criticality and loss impact assessment Optimise will design an integrated HVM strategy which is able to provide you with the most suitable HVM technologies, training and procedures to mitigate an attack on your critical assets from a vehicle borne IED.

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