Employment Pre-Screening

At Optimise we help you mitigate the threat of any person working for or with you who may not be who or what they say. It happens.

Over the years we have found that many employers have little knowledge of their employee’s background or history. In many cases people have been employed without any references being checked. Do you know the history of all your employees?

The Optimise employment pre-screening service which is fully compliant with the latest BS7858:2012 standard has been designed to verify the credentials of an applicant to ensure they meet all your preconditions of employment and your client’s expectations. Our checks will support your HR processes and include any one or all the following:

Right to work in the UK: Checks are made regarding government issued certification.

Photographic ID: Ensure any government issues photographic ID is valid.

5 year employment history: This also include any gaps in employment.

Specialist Certifications: Checks with issuing authorities regarding work certifications.

Financial background check: We also conduct a checks for any CCJ’s or insolvency.

Companies House Checks: Ensure Company is registered and still in existence.

Criminal Records Check: Checks with CRB Scotland regarding current or spent Convictions.

Character Reference: Checks with any references supplied by the applicant.

Telephone or informal interview: Where ambiguities are found (if applicable).

Pre-employment screening is a vital part of a security strategy and aims to establish that the person who is applying for a position within your company is who they claim to be, have the relevant qualifications or certifications and have not been convicted of an offence which could influence their ability to fulfil the role. In short the process is a test of character.

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