Information Security & Cyber Security

The compromise or loss of any company or client confidential information could have a devastating impact on future client engagements. All companies hold information either physical or virtual, which if stolen, lost or compromised could lead to financial loss, corporate embarrassment or at worst legal action. At Optimise we have many years of experience advising clients on how to best protect their confidential information from internal or external threats.

By completing a thorough gap analysis of your current procedures and physical protection, we are able to highlight weaknesses and offer advice on how to best to secure, transport or destroy confidential information.

Using a trusted partner who are fully compliant with ISO 27001, Optimise offer a cyber security audit of your systems to establish where unlawful access could be gained to your IT network either via the internet, mobile device or remote log-ins. Based on the outcomes of our analysis, we are best placed to advice you on the creation of a management framework to ensure compliance. In addition we can offer advice on the creation of crisis management or business continuity plans should the worst case scenarios materialise.

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